Check out the article which I wrote with Dr. Eva Sevick about our webinar: Myths Debunked! How Lymphatic Imaging is Changing Patient Treatment Plans at the invitation of LymphaPress as part of their “Thought Leader” series. I have to admit that this was one of the most fun webinars that I have ever done because hearing Dr. Sevick summarize two decades of information about lymphatic imaging was a rare opportunity! For decades, we have believed a lot of things about the lymphatics that just aren’t true based on observing them in action. There are also a lot of things that lymphedema therapist have told me they could determine with just their fingers to which I said, “You are kidding me!” – and they were all true!

This link takes you to a short article summarizing the conversation with Eva.

However, I strongly recommend that you watch the video – it’s really a lot of fun being able to (FINALLY) make sense of clinical findings that did not follow what the textbook said – and understand what is really going on: