The Votes Are In! How High Will Amniotic Cellular Tissue Product / Skin Substitute Prices Go?

Thank you for participating in the poll to guess how ridiculously high amniotic prices will go. Check out the final results!

2025 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule is Out (and CMS Did Not “Package Price” Cellular Tissue Products / Skin Substitutes in the Doctor’s Office)

The billing of CTPs in the doctor’s office is unchanged. The 2025 Medicare conversion factor is set to decrease for the fifth straight year.

Breaking News! OPPS Proposed Rule is Out!

At first glance, there are no changes to Cellular Tissue Product /skin substitute payment, which remain under package pricing in this site of care.

The Dual Invoice System for an Amniotic Product

Can anyone explain how this dual invoice system for amniotic products could be used to line the pocket of a practitioner?

How High Will Amniotic Cellular Tissue Product / Skin Substitute Prices Go? Tell Me What You Think!

Sadly, it appears that the CTP/skin sub industry has become a game, the goal of which is to fleece Medicare.

Billion Dollar Medicare Scam? Politico Article Discusses Dramatic Spike in Claims for “Skin Substitutes”

If you are a practitioner involved in this business STOP now, and report yourself. Doing so might keep you out of jail.

Thoughts to Ponder This July 4th

This July 4th, as you sit outside waiting for the fireworks to start, I thought I’d provide a few Alexis de Tocqueville quotes for you to ponder.

What is the Real Problem with Cellular Tissue Product (Skin Substitute) Pricing?

There are amniotic products out there now which are more than $3,000 cm2, and there is ZERO data to suggest that they are any better than amniotic products 100 times cheaper.

Wound Care Company Owners Arrested, Accused of Accepting More Than $330M in Kickbacks Relating to Medicare Charges for Amniotic Products

The report states that more than $900 million in bogus claims were submitted to Medicare for amniotic products applied to fewer than 500 patients. Yes, that is $1.8 million PER PATIENT.

Tirzepatide Improves Sleep Apnea, Based on a New Study Published in NEMJ

I know the sinking feeling of hopelessness that I feel as a physician when I see yet another a severely obese patient with profound edema (often to the groin), and non-healing wounds.

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Report Honest Healing Rates

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