CMS Data Demonstrates a Cost and Clinical Advantage for Hyperbaric Oxygen for Radiation – Read it Ahead of Print in UHM!

These data support previous studies that demonstrate the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of HBO2 in conjunction with routine interventions.

Price & Size Limits to Cellular Tissue Product (CTP) Use in the HOPD vs the Office (This is All So Messed Up)

I am trying to find ways to visually depict our current situation with regard to Cellular and/or Tissue-based products (CTPs).

Pricing Trends in Cellular Tissue Products (CTPs) / Skin Substitutes / CAMPs – and Why Publishing the ASP is Not Helping

Here’s a visual example of the insanity of Cellular Tissue Product (CTP) pricing and the problem with ASPs.

Algorithm for Selection a “CAMP”: Ideal vs. Real

Last week I attended the inaugural Cellular, Acellular, and Matrix-like Product (CAMP) Summit. It was a very interesting and well-run meeting. I will digress to mention the acronym “CAMP” which is gaining traction over the more awkward (and possibly obsolete) Cellular...

It’s Finally Happened – CMS Has Issued Instructions on How to Bill a Claim for $99,999,999,99

I need to know how to justify putting one skin substitute on a patient that is 100 times more expensive than another one.

Recognizing & Treating Lipedema – a Podcast with Dr. Karen Herbst

I am thrilled that the topic of lipedema made it on to the AMA educational hub.

It’s Happened – a Cellular Tissue Product (CTP) / Skin Substitute That is >$2,800 per cm2

A friend sent me this email from a Cellular Tissue Product (CTP) / skin substitute rep. I ran out of words a long time ago. Message me if you have any words.

Quick Guide to Reviewing Your Medicare Field Test Report

Here are some specific instructions for looking at your field test report. There are a lot of things I am worried about.

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Report Honest Healing Rates

Report Honest Healing Rates

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