When is the Last Time You Printed Out and Read a Visit Note From Your EHR?

Since it’s not possible to prevent an audit, the only thing you can do is generate records that will protect you from recoupment.

Do You Have a Compliant Electronic Health Record Documentation & Signature Process? – Check Out Kathy Shaum’s Newest TWC Article!

There are a lot of “standards” and regulations which apply to Electronic Health Records (EHR’s), but many require interpretation.

“Again I Can’t Get My Supplies Because of the Lack of Proper Documentation…”

Since the Medicare auditors can do pretty much whatever they want, we have to change what we are doing.

The Patient’s Perspective on Lymphedema Pumps & Compression Wraps – What Should I Say to Her?

Why should a clinic insist that only one device is the right one if the patient has a preference? I don’t know what to tell her about these issues.

The Glycocalyx: What it is and Why it Matters

It’s worth the effort to read this because it makes perfect sense that excess permeability of the endothelium is a key part of the problem for many of our patients.

A Practical Approach to HBOT for Long COVID

These patient stories were so compelling that even though I’d planned to tell them that I could not help them, I just couldn’t bring myself to say that.

The Link Between Clinical Documentation and DME Orders for Dressings

A few days ago, I got one of those CMS “eblasts” about the results of Medicare CERT audits (Comprehensive Error Rate Testing).  The audit looks at whether there is sufficient documentation to back up the claim against Medicare. In 2021, CMS estimated that, based on...

Daily “Higher Dose” Vitamin D May Help Delay Diabetes

Meta-analysis of three randomized clinical trials showed that vitamin D supplementation reduced the risk for type 2 diabetes in Prediabetics.

Addressing Both the What and the Why of Clinical Documentation

The truth is, figuring out what you need to document is tedious but not hard. I don’t have a solution to the problem of getting practitioners to do it.

Check Out Laura Kaiser’s TWC Article, “Home-Based Wound Care: Insights on Challenges and Rewards”

Advanced Practice Nurse Laura Kaiser’s motivation was simple — to provide wound and disease management to the underserved – in their homes.

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Report Honest Healing Rates

Report Honest Healing Rates

It’s time for Wound Care physicians and providers to stand up for truly honest outcomes and transparent quality reporting. If we don’t we may see our entire profession wiped out. Click here to read more.

Guide to the Lymphatic System

A series of articles to summarize more than two decades of work in lymphatic imaging. Click here to read more.

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