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Remembering the Veterans In My Life

Today I am thinking of the veterans in my life with gratitude. I’m donating to my favorite Veteran’s organization today, in honor of these two men.

The (Mostly) Complete Guide to Lymphatic Anatomy Part 1: Why We Need Lymphatic Imaging and a Synopsis of What We Have Learned From it So Far

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The (Mostly) Complete Guide to Lymphatic Anatomy: A Free Synopsis of Everything We Know Now

Introduction: I have decided to post a series of articles to summarize more than two decades of work in lymphatic imaging.

Ever Wanted to Contribute an Article to Today’s Wound Clinic?

Send a message to either me or Brian if there’s a topic you want to write about – particularly if it’s one we’ve missed.

Breaking News! Medicare Holds off Changing Payment for CTPs in the Office-Based Setting!

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued the final rule for the 2023 Physician Fee schedule.

Do Whatever Needs to be Done

Willingness to do whatever needs to be done can have an amazingly positive impact on the day’s schedule.

What I Have Learned About Life After the Caregiver Role Ends

I can’t presume to give advice to anyone about their “life after”– but here a few things that I have learned over the past 3 and half years.

The Top Ten Problems/Errors That Can Cause Money to be Lost in an Audit

Here are the top 10 things that Kathleen Schaum listed as the reasons doctors and hospitals lose money when audited.

How Pressure Injuries Form from the Inside Out – a Discussion of Angiosomes

Check out this interview I did at the recent SAWC meeting in Las Vegas about the concept of “angiosomes” and how they can help us understand the “inside to outside” nature of severe pressure injuries.

About Dr. Fife

Dr. Fife is a world-renowned wound care physician. She is the CMO of Intellicure, Inc., Exec. Director of the US Wound Registry & Editor of Today’s Wound Clinic.

Report Honest Healing Rates

Report Honest Healing Rates

It’s time for Wound Care physicians and providers to stand up for truly honest outcomes and transparent quality reporting. If we don’t we may see our entire profession wiped out. Click here to read more.

Guide to the Lymphatic System

A series of articles to summarize more than two decades of work in lymphatic imaging. Click here to read more.

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