Happy Valentine’s Day to All the Wound Warriors!

(Yes, this wound really was heart shaped with no help from me!)

RNs Performing Skin & Subcutaneous Debridements on Hospital Inpatients?

“The nurse told me that at her previous hospital, she performed bedside surgical wound debridements in hospitalized patients”

8 Traits That Make Great Doctors

The first step is deciding what sort of people we want to be. What traits make great doctors in your opinion? Let me know in the comments!

Federal Register Correction Notice Explains the Error That Caused CMS to Miscalculate the HBOT Facility Fee

Anything we can do to get hospitals to submit cost reports correctly would help. At any rate, it’s good news for a change.

World Leprosy Day and Thoughts About the Gift of Pain

February 1st was “World Leprosy Day” and I confess, I did not have that on my calendar.

We Need to Talk About the Implications of the “Lymphedema Treatment Act” with Regard to DME Orders

I think clinicians need to pay special attention to the sentence that I highlighted in yellow.

Here are the Specific Questions That CMS is Asking Regarding the Development of the “Non-Pressure Ulcer” Cost Measure

I know there are people out there who eat, sleep, and breathe Excel spreadsheets of clinical codes. God bless you if you are one of those people! That means we need you to comment on the design of the cost measure for “non-pressure ulcers.” I’ve provided the links to...

Crowdsourcing Advice on the Wound Care Taxonomy Code for Nursing Providers: 163WW0000X

Under Medicare’s Quality Payment Program (QPP), the future of wound care practitioners is in jeopardy because we do not have a recognized specialty.

On Feb 1st, CMS Started Testing the “Non Pressure Ulcers Episode-Based Cost Measure.” What the Heck is That, and Why Should You Care?

Field testing is a process which includes distributing informational reports to clinicians and soliciting comments from the public via an online survey.

The Deadline to Submit MIPS Data for 2023 is April 1 at 6 pm EST to Avoid up to a 9% Penalty on Medicare Revenue

The data submission period for Medicare’s Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) 2023 performance year is underway.

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Report Honest Healing Rates

Report Honest Healing Rates

It’s time for Wound Care physicians and providers to stand up for truly honest outcomes and transparent quality reporting. If we don’t we may see our entire profession wiped out. Click here to read more.

Guide to the Lymphatic System

A series of articles to summarize more than two decades of work in lymphatic imaging. Click here to read more.

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