Throwback Thursday

I think that Velcro devices for edema control are the greatest things since sliced bread. I hardly ever prescribe stockings for my elderly patients since it’s so unlikely they can put them on. I use Farrow wraps and Circaids almost exclusively. However, I get so frustrated with the system. These devices (like stockings) are only covered if the patient has a venous stasis ulcer AND I can’t order them if the patient has home nursing since the home nursing agencies will not purchase them for the patients. You would think that a home nursing agency would WANT to use something that shortens the length of time it takes  them to see a patient but it doesn’t work that way. So, I have to wait for the home nursing services to end, but not so long that the wound is healed so that the device won’t be covered. It’s so frustrating.

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  1. I have actually had some success ordering these garments with home health patients. Some companies are better than others. I have found that providing them with measurements and how to obtain these garments has been very helpful. Also, I have found that wounds that have been surgically debrided will have coverage. Give it a try, I think that you will be surprised.


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