Every Tuesday this month we are going to have some straight talk about Quality Measures. In the June/July 2015 issue of Today’s June-July 2015 CoverWound Clinic (TWC), Darlene Carey has a fantastic article about how she used quality measures to create a wound care program around evidence based practice where practitioners are focused NOT on volume of services but on quality of care. That means that there are at least 6 clinics in the USA that are ready for the move to a value based payment system.
I’d like to know how your preparations are going for this titanic shift. What is your wound care management company doing to help you get ready? If they are not doing anything, then I think you have a problem. If you are an independently run center, read Darlene’s article and download the quality measures you’d like to focus on from the US Wound Registry website and install them in your wound center EHR.