This is one of my patients who developed an abscess and wound dehiscence following an ankle reconstruction. We were worried that he might be developing osteomyelitis. He works at a plant and uses an infrared thermoCarolineFifeMD.commeter to check for hotspots in the mechanical equipment. He brought in the thermometer to show me how he was using it to monitor his foot temperature after completing a round of antibiotics. This was completely his idea. I thought, “Wow that is so creative! Why didn’t I think of it?”
Because Gary Sibbald is known for his ability to find creative and low cost solutions for patient care challenges, I thought I would be clever and show him my patient’s idea. However, I think it is impossible to have an idea before Gary has it! Here’s a link to the paper Gary had just published on “Infrared Skin Thermometry: An Underutilized, Cost-effective Tool for Routine Wound Care Practice and Patient High-Risk Diabetic Foot Self monitoring.”