I have previously blogged about big changes that could affect the delivery of hyperbaric oxygen therapy services. I’m keeping my eye on a House Ways & Means health subcommittee (chaired by Kevin Brady from my own district). A few days ago, the subcommittee questioned Medicare Payment Advisory Commission Executive Director Mark Miller on site neutral payment reforms.  At the moment the discussion has nothing to do with hyperbaric oxygen therapy but instead is focused on inpatient vs. outpatient services. I’ve mentioned how important it is for hyperbaric practitioners to participate in PQRS reporting using the new hyperbaric oxygen therapy quality measures available through the US Wound Registry. UHMS-UWSRThey were developed by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) to ensure that the UHMS has access to the data that will surely be needed when the time comes to address challenges like a site of service adjustment. We really are not just making up these concerns. We are trying to get everyone prepared for some pretty titanic shifts in the industry. If you bill the CPT code 99183, you need to be downloading some resource files right about now. . . .

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