I am trying 2 new cellular-based products at the moment. I won’t say which ones they are. I am grateful to have sample products to try since there are always patients who don’t have secondary insurance and can’t afford the copays if I have to charge them, or whose Medicare replacement plan won’t approve a cellular product, or whose deductible is so high with their private insurance they can’t afford for me to use one. My point is that I am trying new products and they are working very, very well. These products have no live cells and they are NOT amniotic membrane products.
US Wound RegistryThat has me wondering how are we ever going to decide which products work the best, or which products might be best in some subset of patients, or which products work best in the sick patients we care for? You read my mind. The only way we are going to figure these questions out is with real world data. To those of you who contribute data to the US Wound Registry, we WILL get this figured out.