Wed_October_21This is not “what is it” but “who is it?” Wednesday. This is Mario Martinez, cped. I am showing this slide as a reminder about how HARD off-loading can be. I can’t take any credit for this serendipitous situation, but it turns out that a terrific Orthotics group is in the office one floor down from my Wound Clinic. The patient whose foot is in the photo has bilateral ulcers with a terrible balance problem. He falls a lot and to make the problem even more dangerous, spends his day in his wood working shop around a lot of sharp tools. I have tried every cast, boot and walker on the market but with bilateral foot ulcers and his unsteadiness, the safest option (even if not the best option) are custom insoles. We are struggling to make this work and on this particular day, the patient had a lot of maceration and evidence of shearing, so I texted Mario to see if he could pop up the stairs to see the patient with me –and he did. He and his team often drop what they are doing to come confer with me over a patient. This photo is a reminder about how difficult it can be to do some of the most important basic things, and how fortunate I am to be just one floor above such a dedicated group of professionals.

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