It’s not IF but WHEN you get the notice of a payer audit.

One day you will open your mail and receive the Notice of Audit.  It’s no longer IF, but WHEN.  What are you doing RIGHT NOW to ensure you will be successful when your time comes?
Preparation is the key.  If you are using Intellicure, the process and set up will be almost seamless.  With prospective billing being generated ONLY from what is documented, not what the provider THOUGHT they documented, it is much easier to avoid those mistakes.  Reporting from Intellicure allows you to self-audit easily as well, something you should also do routinely.  WHEN the audit notice appears, you can easily retrieve the necessary documentation and supporting diagnostic reports directly from the software.
phc_corplogo2Precision is a company that partners with hospitals for wound center implementation and operation. Unlike a lot of other companies in the industry, our focus has always been on Quality and Compliance. We were the first company to participate in the US Wound Registry’s “Do the Right Thing” initiative, testing quality measures as the way to focus wound center activities rather than volume of procedures. We’ve been using Intellicure reporting features to run both quality and compliance reports for nearly a decade. Using Intellicure’s advanced reporting features, we know our diabetic patients get vascular screening and proper off-loading, and we know that debridements and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are only performed when they are necessary and appropriate.
We are going to have another worry free weekend. If you can’t say the same, give me call.
M. Darlene Carey, MBA

Caroline Fife, MD
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