NEJM logoThe New England Journal has this article out about “Online Patient Reviews” that is worth a read.
I have a negative review on Yelp from a patient who I never even saw,  but who is upset with me because I don’t take their insurance. (As an aside, I would be very happy for the University to continue to pay me as long as they continue to tell insurance companies that I still work for them despite the fact I have been gone five years, since this affects my ability to get on private insurance plans, but that’s a blog post for another day.) Anyway, my point is that physician ratings by patients are now common. What you may not have heard is that Yelp has negotiated a deal with CMS to display the results of physician PQRS quality measure performance. That puts a whole new perspective on the question of what quality measures a doctor decides to report.
Advanced Practitioners are also going to have to participate in Clinical Practice Improvement Activities to satisfy the terms of the Merit Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). This is a great opportunity for the hospital to partner with the wound center practitioners in quality projects. USWR2015My hospital program director and my nurses are expected to have quality improvement initiatives, so as a group we are selecting two of the CPIA offered by the USWR. That way, the work that I have to do anyway for MIPS will solve their problem, too, and we will all be working together for the same goals. I will tell you more about our projects in a future blog post.
SAWCSpring2017_logoIf you want to know more about MIPS and how to harness CPIA to create a quality improvement program for your facility, attend these sessions at the Spring SAWC:
Caroline Fife and Darlene Carey : Using Clinical Quality Measures to Create a Quality Improvement Program for Your Wound Center- Session 16- 4.6.2017 4:30 PM, and  Caroline Fife and Eric Lullove, DPM: The MIPS Survival Guide for Advanced Practitioners:  It’s 2017 – Do You Know Where Your Revenue Is? Session 29: April 7, 2017

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