As reported on the news, the southern region of Texas is experiencing perhaps the most devastating natural disaster in U.S. history. Houston has been inundated with water. Water now covers an area roughly the size of Lake Michigan, some of it ten feet deep. By Wednesday, an estimated 50 inches of rain will have fallen. Almost no part of the city has been spared, and the city is an island with all major highways impassable.
Those of us who live in the north like The Woodlands have fared better. It is still raining. In fact, another 20 inches of rain are anticipated. Rivers have not yet crested, and wide spread evacuations are beginning in the flood zones of the Brazos and Colorado Rivers, as well as some “creeks” which are now raging rivers. The situation will continue to be unpredictable through Thursday.
The Intellicure office and the hospitals in The Woodlands are functioning although many employees have personal tragedies. We are all worried about our colleagues inside the city. If you have friends inside Houston, my suggestion is that you wait for them to contact you. They have limited access to power, and even though they may have lost their homes, they may still be working at the hospital and unable to focus on their own needs.
If you would like to help, please send contributions to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Please go directly to their websites to donate. Do not respond to any emails soliciting contributions because many of those are scams. Thank you for your kind emails, texts and phone calls.