I am really struggling with lymphedema and skin breakdown on the foot of a wonderful patient. He has an above knee amputation on the other side, and is actually able to walk on an AKA prosthesis which is rare in my experience. The fact that this is his ONLY foot makes it even more important, and the weeping and skin breakdown are a chronic problem that we’ve struggled with for 2 years now. I’ve used every trick I know.

Before Drysol

This Clinical Pearl I got from my friend Jimmy Schmidt, MD- dermatologist extraordinaire!  After trying every potion and lotion known to man, he suggested we try good old “Drysol” – aluminum chloride – the main ingredient in deodorant. It’s working! And it only costs $30.00.
It is also a trick that can work for obese patients with lymphedema in difficult areas like the inner thigh who have skin weeping. That’s my clinical pearl for the day- with thanks to Dr. Schmidt.