Wound care is so gratifying. I love watching things get better. This is a wonderful patient who required 6 months to heal after surgery for osteomyelitis. He got his orthotics and I thought we were home free, but his fig trees bloomed and he spent an afternoon picking them. The price of these fig preserves was a new diabetic foot ulcer, not as bad as the first one.
The DFU Before
The Original DFU Healed
New DFU after picking figs
I served the fig preserves with some smoked Gouda cheese and they were delicious. I thought about the price of those fig preserves, and it made me think about the book The Gift of Pain, by Philip Yancey. The inspiring story of Paul Brand’s work among lepers in India should be required reading for anyone who treats patients with neuropathy. The value of pain is clearest in its absence.