First, let me say that I have the most amazing wound clinic staff EVER. Second, this Deborah Belasquez, my receptionist, who is so thrilled with her FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device, she’s showing it to a patient. I’ve blogged about this amazing device before.
This patient has a non-healing diabetic foot ulcer and poor glucose control is one of his issues. I mentioned the Libre to him and he was encouraged that there might be an alternative to finger sticks. I put my head out of the exam room and asked if Deborah would come in and let him see the Libre on her arm. She came in with her reader and a sensor, and gave an impromptu explanation of how it’s changed her life.
The front desk staff is your first contact with a patient and they spend a lot of time with them over the course of their treatment. Deborah is always cheerful and welcoming, and ever since she was diagnosed with diabetes, she’s become an advocate for good diabetes control.
So, if anyone from Abbott is out there, I have found you a great spokesperson for the FreeStyle Libre.