Why My Blue Mondays are Happy

“Blue Monday” was a Victorian expression about wash day in the era before the washing machine when doing the laundry required back breaking manual labor. Our understanding of lymphatic function is still stuck in the Victorian era, but I hope it won’t be for much longer. On Mondays I have the incredible opportunity to visualize lymphatic function when I image patients for a clinical study with Dr. Eva Sevick’s near infra-red imaging technology.

NIRF lymphatic imaging requires only micro-doses of intradermal dye to yield amazing, immediate, real-time images of the lymphatics. We can watch them contracting happily (or not).

Here are Drs. John Rasmussen and Rodney Morrow, with whom I’ve been having decidedly happy Mondays for more than a decade. Hopefully, cameras based on this technology will be widely available soon.

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