I wanted to take a photo of this man’s legs on his scooter because he’s got profound heart failure and I’m worried about the edema of his thighs. I have been wondering if the way he sits on his scooter contributes to his edema. (It seems like I have an entire clinic full of people in right heart failure with profound edema.) However, he took off in his scooter so fast he was out the door like a rocket. A few days later there was a news story about the increasing incidence of serious injuries sustained by riding the electric scooters that are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas.

I’ve seen a lot of patient injuries from mobility scooters. Above is the photo of a woman who crushed her leg against a concrete step when she accidentally propelled her scooter forward. I have actually lost count of the scooter related foot injuries, which are not trivial in our patients. However, I haven’t actually tried to keep track of them, but based on this article from the UK, I wonder if we should be?