By way of explanation, when we first made the transition to ICD-10, there was an article about the 16 most absurd codes  and my daughter had already been in the emergency room with one of them (W55.41XA: Bitten by pig, initial encounter​). So, yesterday, when she texted to ask me how long it would take to microwave a 25 lb. turkey, I fell for it.
I initially wanted to know why she was cooking a velociraptor, but the rest of my answer was an explanation was about the physics of microwave energy vs. thermal energy. She responded that I was a disappointment as a Mom because a scientific answer was not as funny as the other Mom-answers on this hysterical site.
The microwave turkey question was a prank that’s gone viral. I’m providing this link as a public service in case you are looking for a safe conversation item tomorrow at Thanksgiving dinner. I apologize that some Moms did not give G-rated answers.
I should add that, unlike me, my daughter is an amazing cook – which is the real reason I shouldn’t have fallen for her text. She can literally take food out of a dumpster and turn it into a gourmet meal – which she and some friends with college degrees in ecology and sustainability did for several months (see the brief video clip below of the vegetables from one of their dumpster runs. They turned this into a fabulous meal – and yes, I had dinner with them one night and my dumpster dinner was fantastic). But that’s a story for another day.
[vimeo 302092616 w=640 h=360]
Hopefully this link will at least keep the conversation light enough that you won’t require medical treatment for the condition described by this ICD-10 code:
Z63.1: Problems in relationship with in-laws
Here’s to a safe and humor-filled Thanksgiving!