Mario from New Life Brace and Limb came to the rescue again. He’s working on a device to off-load the spine of a quadriplegic who is going to put my son through graduate school with his pressure ulcer challenges. Every time we fix one problem, it causes another one. I’ll show you pictures of what we did for his spine another time.
I was reviewing the huge volume of photographs I take of pressure issues and the offending footwear to show him what needs fixing. This ought to be something simple, but it is very complex. There are pros and cons to every option.

Mario’s office is just one floor below the Wound Center, but even when we can see a patient together, the primary care doctor has to sign the paperwork for diabetic shoes (Medicare rules) and that can delay the order for weeks. The term for the complex simple things is “simplexity.” I don’t have THE answer, but at least I have Super Mario.