The video above depicts a 68 year old woman who had first noticed a lump in her breast 8 years earlier, but she did not seek treatment because she was overwhelmed with the death of her father and suffered a stroke due to a blood clot.
She was placed on Coumadin for the clot, but because she was worried about bleeding, she decided to take a reduced dose of Coumadin and add aspirin. On her first visit she had a very large vascular mass on the right breast with ulcerations that bled easily, and there was a foul odor. We recommended she stop taking aspirin, which was likely the major contributor to oozing with dressing changes.
The odor was treated with topical Flagyl. Aggressive chemotherapy began. The tumor shrank in response to chemotherapy. 5 months later, she decided to stop chemotherapy because it made her so ill. She started a ketogenic diet.
We recommended treatment with “Blast-X,” an anti-biofilm agent (now a 3M product). Within a month the odor was gone. Two months after beginning the ketogenic diet and Blast X, there was no further odor or drainage. On her last visit 3 months after starting the ketogenic diet and Blast-X, she had skin over the tumor. However, the tumor had begun to grow.
I don’t know whether it was the anti-biofilm agent or the ketogenic diet that controlled the odor and drainage. Unfortunately, the ketogenic diet did not prevent tumor growth.