Dear Diary,

I AM SO SPECIAL! Today I was treated with another new “Cellular and/or tissue based product!” Sometimes it’s big enough to be cut and put on all of us, and sometimes it’s so small that only one of us can get the special treatment. I always say, “PICK ME! PICK ME!” Who cares if the CTP is too small to go on all the wounds, as long as I get it? Some have “live cells,” and they can be made from animal tissue or human tissue or both. Do you think I should feel different based on which kind of CTP is used?

About a year ago in July 2018, the US Wound Registry counted up the different CTPs that were recorded in the registry. Just between 2015 and 2018, the registry had data on 761,214 of my wound-buddies, being hosted by 236,352 patients – so there are at least 3 of us at a time. Only about 2% of the wounds got a CTP, which means I am special. And you have to be BIG. The average surface that needs to be covered is 22 cm2 and not many CTPs are that big! Trying to get a CTP to cover everything that’s exposed is as hard as getting into last year’s bathing suit. That explains why most wounds only get 3 applications and are still 7.5 cmwhen the CTP treatment stops. The doctor had to stop one wound and start treating one of the OTHER wounds – especially if it’s one of the bikini-size CTPs.

I like to think of CTPs as couture clothing. Does one of them make me look SMALLER?

Wound #One

If there is no asterisk (*) next to the product, the number of applications (not individual patients) in the USWR ranges from 200 to 12,000+
* means there are data on more than 50 applications but fewer than 200
** means that as of July 2018, fewer than 50 total applications had been reported
(Since this count was done a year ago, the data have increased dramatically)


Cellular Products with data in USWR CTP Registry as of July 2018:

  • *Affinity1 square cm
  • Alloskin
  • Amnioband, guardian 1 sq cm
  • Amnioexcel or biodexcel, 1cm
  • Apligraf
  • **Bio-connekt per square cm
  • **Biovance 1 square cm
  • **Cytal, per square centimeter
  • **Dermacell
  • Dermagraft
  • Dermapure 1 square cm
  • **Dermavest, plurivest sq cm
  • Epifix or epicord
  • **Flexhd/allopatchhd/matrixhd
  • **Gammagraft
  • Grafix core, grafixpl core
  • Grafix prime grafix pl prime
  • *Graftjacket
  • **Graftjacket xpress
  • *Hyalomatrix
  • **Integra drt or omnigraft
  • *Kerecis omega3, per sq cm
  • **Matristem micromatrix
  • *Miroderm
  • *Neox neox rt or clarix cord
  • Nushield 1 square cm
  • Oasis tri-layer wound matrix
  • Oasis wound matrix
  • Primatrix
  • Puraply or puraply am
  • Skin substitute, nos
  • *Talymed
  • Theraskin