The Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders parterned with the US Wound Registry (USWR) to develop a suite of wound care relevant quality measures. This year, 3 of those CMS approved quality measures were selected for depiction on Physician Compare.

An article about this was just published in Advances in Skin and Wound Care.

The 3 measures now depicted on Physician Compare are adequate compression bandaging for venous leg ulcers (VLUs) at every visit, adequate off-loading of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) at every visit, and screening all patients with non-healing lower extremity wounds and ulcers for arterial disease on the first patient visit. More wound relevant quality measures are under consideration by CMS for depiction on Physician Compare in 2020.

Practitioners who reported these 3 quality measures had VLU and DFU healing rates that were significantly higher than practitioners who did not report them. Quality activities like off-loading, compression and arterial screening can also be implemented as practice Improvement Activities (IAs) through the USWR. If you are subject to MIPS next year (in 2020) and you do not participate, you will lose 9% of your Medicare Part B payments.