I’m re-posting these helpful instructions for finding your HCC score from a previous guest post by Dr. Helen Gelly. The importance of your HCC score cannot be overstated!

To find out your HCC score for 2017 and the years prior, follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Go to: https://www.cms.gov/research-statistics-data-and-systems/statistics-trends-and-reports/medicare-provider-charge-data/physician-and-other-supplier.html

Click on: Medicare Physician and Other Supplier Data CY 2017

Step 2. Open Page: https://www.cms.gov/Research-Statistics-Data-and-Systems/Statistics-Trends-and-Reports/Medicare-Provider-Charge-Data/Physician-and-Other-Supplier2017.html

Step 3: Click on View Data, and enter your NPI

Step 4: Open your Excel Spreadsheet and review (for example, here’s Dr. Caroline Fife’s HCC).

And here it is!