Check out the guest editorial by Dr. Traci Kimball in the March issue of Today’s Wound Clinic: Can a Unique Wound Management Program Be a Model for Wound Care?

I invited Traci to write this guest editorial, because we need to hear from wound management physicians who are already practicing “in the future.” Traci is one of the physicians who has created an environment in which the wound management practitioner is a vital member of a multi-specialty team focused on improving quality and decreasing costs among chronically ill patients. You will find this fascinating. Medicare is trying to create this environment, but it is not going to work at the national level without quality measures applicable to wound care. It can be done regionally, at the payer level, or locally. You will find her article fascinating, and it contains information you have not heard before.

I KNOW there are more of you out there who are living in the future. I would love to have a series of guest editorials like this to help physicians and nurse practitioners visualize what “winning” could look like. Send me a message if you are one of the vanguard of the Future of Wound Management, so I can better understand how you are doing it.