Maybe you have gotten one of these emails, but this was my first one. It popped up today in my email in-box. Apparently it analyzes my meeting calendar, email activity, scheduled calls, etc. outside of regular working hours. It informs me that I have worked every evening and weekend for the past month. As if I am unaware of this fact. COVID-19 is a freaking full time job all by itself – never mind keeping up with your actual job. Has ANYONE had a break in a month?

And in case you were dying to know – 78% of my time away from the office is spent managing email and 14% in meetings (outside of working hours).

I didn’t get a Fitbit when my colleagues got them, because I didn’t need a device to tell me that I suck at just being me. But now I have emails telling me that I spend too much time handling email. It appears I can fix this by setting my work day at 23 hours per day and my work week at 7 days a week. Then I will no longer be working “outside of working hours” – and this should improve my Well-being report. And that will make me feel so much better…