My good friend Frank Aviles, PT is one of the most creative and innovative people I have ever known. He is the Wound Care Service Line Director at Natchitoches Regional Medical Center in Louisiana, serves on the editorial board for Today’s Wound Clinic and is a well known lecturer in the field of wound management. Frank discovered that Physical Therapy students were unable to complete their clinical rotations due to COVID-19 restrictions. To help meet this need, Frank created Virtual Wound Rounds (VWR) with the support of HMP Communications. The response has been nothing short of astounding. I participated in one of the events, and it was a wonderful learning experience for me as a faculty member. You will note that the list of participants is a “who’s who” in the field of wound care. It seems that no one can say “no” to Frank!

As the clinical editor of Today’s Wound Clinic (an HMP publication), I appreciate HMP’s support of this project. Peter Norris and Jeremy Bowden from HMP Global volunteered their time and resources to help record the events. VWR is one of the “COVID-19 silver linings.”

Below are links to this complimentary educational series (yes, it is FREE). Please share the links below with anyone who is looking for more education in the field of Wound Management.

Virtual Wound Rounds Faculty:

VWR #1 Panel

  • Dr. Desmond Bell
  • Dr. Bijan Najafi
  • Dr. Jayesh Shah
  • Dr. Amit Gefen
  • Dr. Stephen Rice
  • Dr. Caroline Fife
  • Dr. Joe McCullough

VWR #2 Panel

  • Dr. Joe McCullough
  • Dr. Kerry Thibodeaux
  • Dr. Ayman Fakhry
  • Dr. Karen Albaugh
  • Dr. Jayesh Shah

VWR #3 Panel

  • Karen Lou Kennedy-Evans, RN, APRN-BC, FNP
  • Todd Shaffert, DNP, FNP, CWS, FAPWCA
  • Stacey Mullis
  • Dr. Jayesh Shah
  • Dr. Karen Albaugh

VWR #4 Panel

  • Harm Jaap Smit
  • Dr. Tod Brindle
  • Dr. Pamela G. Unger
  • Dr. Heather Hettrick

VWR #5 Panel

  • Dr. Nancy Collins
  • Dr. T. Samuel Nwafor
  • Elizabeth Faust, MSN, CRNP, CWS, CWOON-AP, DAPWCA

VWR #6 Panel

  • Dr. William H. Tettebach
  • Jenny Hurlow, RN, MSN, GNP-BC, CWCN, CCN
  • Dr. Holly Korzendorfer

VWR #7 Panel

  • Dr. M.M. Mark Melin
  • Dr. Heather Hettick
  • Dr. Joe McCullough

Links to Virtual Wound Rounds events with Frank Aviles Jr, PT, CWS, FACCWS, CLT, ALM, AWCC, DAPWCA, MLD/CDT Instr.: