If you are interested in understanding more about helmet oxygenation systems, here is a fantastic app that will walk you through it.

Here is additional information about the helmet system vendors and pricing (with thanks to Julio Garcia who provided the information and Helen Gelly who provided the photos):

  • Amron International helmets are $196.50 for the complete set-up.  I prefer the silicone neck seal, as you do need to worry about latex allergies and they hold up better.  Also the neck rings/collars can be sterilized and re-used, which decreases the cost. This is a two piece system, which I prefer to a one-piece.
  • Helen Gelly notes that the Amron system is missing some pieces like snaps.

  • Sea-Long Medical Systems helmets range from $162.70 to $279.92. The straps on the Sea-long are nicer than Amron’s, as they are wider and softer. This is a two-piece system, which I prefer to a one-piece. (Photo by Helen Gelly).

  • Subsalve has a one-piece unit.  No prices are listed. I have not used this one.

–Julio R. Garcia RN, ACHRN