Please tell me you have it, too. At least then I won’t feel alone! I have trouble concentrating on tasks and I am inefficient with my time. People keep telling me, “Previously you said . . .” I don’t even remember TALKING about that, much less remember what I said. I have inertia. My room is a mess. There are emails I should answer. Yesterday’s mail is not opened. I have unanswered phone messages.

I am embarrassed about the above. I have nothing to complain about – honestly. People in Colorado are evacuating in front of a record breaking fire and people in Louisiana were hit with two hurricanes in a matter of days. I have food in the pantry, no health complaints and a job I like. My kids are OK. There’s no excuse for my lack of brain function.

I am fighting it the best way I know how. Now that the climate in Texas is no longer like living inside a dog’s mouth, I have started going for walks. I even started taking tango lessons. I am taking my vitamins. But if you call me and I sound a little confused for the first few minutes, bear with me. It takes me a little longer to get up to speed these days. I am not sure why, but it would make me feel better if it wasn’t just me. What about you?