In honor of “World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day,” I’d like to propose that we acknowledge that severe pressure injuries (and probably “stage 1 pressure injuries”) form from the inside-out due to the compromise of named blood vessels that supply a 3-dimensional block of tissue (called an “angiosome”). This means that pressure injury “prevention protocols” (sic) need to include ways to mitigate the hemodynamic factors that are actually responsible for them.

One day hospital “pressure injury prevention” protocols will include maintaining (if possible) a reasonable mean arterial pressure (MAP) or diastolic blood pressure, among other strategies that might ACTUALLY prevent pressure injuries. There’s a reason they still happen. They still happen because we aren’t addressing the correct pathophysiologic mechanism. I am sure the ICU nurses out there know what I am talking about.

Check out the story of my son’s intraoperative pressure injuries and the powerful evidence that Stage 1 pressure injuries are actually “ischemia reperfusion” injuries!

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