The Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research, Shamir (Assaf-Harofeh) Medical Center in Israel has just published a new study indicating that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has “senolytic” (anti-aging) effects. The study is reported ahead of print in the journal Aging.

Thirty-five healthy adults aged 64 and older received 60 daily HBOT exposures. Blood samples were collected at baseline, at the 30th and 60th session, and 1-2 weeks following the last HBOT session. Peripheral blood mononuclear cell telomere length and senescence were assessed. The length of the telomeres for T helper, T cytotoxic, natural killer and B cells increased significantly (>20%) following HBOT. The most significant change was noticed in B cells, which increased at the 30th session, 60th session and post HBOT, and the percentage of senescent T helper cells and T-cytotoxic senescent cell decreased significantly.

“The study indicates that HBOT may induce significant senolytic effects including significantly increasing telomere length and clearance of senescent cells in the aging populations.”

Check out the paper here for details: https://www.aging-us.com/article/202188/text#r11