Check out this news article about HBOT being used to avoid intubation in severely ill COVID-19 patients at Grenwich Hospital in Connecticut.

“They’re constantly panting for air, breathing at about 45 to 50 breaths per minute… But once in the chamber, patients begin to relax and their breathing slows down. You see the fear start to leave their eyes… For a precious 90 minutes, they actually feel normal again.”

At Greenwich Hospital, Hyperbaric Medicine Provides Hope to COVID-19 Patients

While many hospitals like Greenwich are treating COVID patients under an IRB (Institutional Review Board) approved research protocol, on a case by case basis, practitioners and hospitals can provide HBOT for COVID-19 pneumonia patients without going through the IRB process. That’s called “practicing medicine.” Here’s a link to a previous blog that explains the ethics of the “off-label” use of HBOT.