Nearly two decades ago, when I was the director of the Memorial Hermann Medical Center Lymphedema center, I met a young patient who was only about 10 years old at the time. Even as a child he was one of those inspiring, optimistic, “over-comers” who made a big impression on me. I can tell you that is name is Cameron Ayala because he’s made no secret about his journey as a patient with primary lymphedema. It’s a good reminder that we encounter heroes every day – from all age groups, races and backgrounds. Every day I see patients who inspire me. Cam is one of those people.
At my request, Cam shared links to some of the stories about his journey. Patients and clinicians who daily battle the chronic, debilitating problem of lymphedema will find these links inspiring!

Latest updates regarding my Lymphedema Management Journey (consisting of Cam’s recent LVA lymphatic surgery, episode of osteomyelitis, and optimism for a healthy future):

Cam’s Lymphedema Testimony – here is the keynote he gave at Harvard Medical School’s Lymphedema Symposium:

Cam’s TED Talk given at my alma mater, Texas A&M University:

(Note: He’s the last speaker so you can fast forward to 7:19:47)