Are you feeling a little sorry for yourself today? You probably have good reasons. How is self-pity working out as a coping mechanism? If you’d like to try a different approach, I know someone who can show you how. One of my heroes informed me that today is national “Brave and Strong” (BS) day. It’s her personal holiday, the anniversary of the day her leg was amputated above the knee. I got her permission to share the text she sent me. It’s the reason I am smiling today, and I intend to hang on to this feeling. She’s only 23 but she’s figured our the secret to life.

It’s not our circumstances that determine whether we are happy or sad – it’s our attitude. She keeps focused on all she CAN do – including helping the children at the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. That’s how she celebrates the day her life changed, when she decided she would be Brave and Strong.

Joy comes from within.


We’ve come a long way from where we started two years ago!

This first photo above is from two years ago when sitting on the side of the bed was a huge accomplishment…. But now two years later, I’ve graduated from OU and started grad school! And I did it all on TWO feet!!!

My journey is far from over…. I’m still fighting and the BS isn’t quite done yet.

I still have decent size wound from my original infection we are trying to get healed, his name is Greg – yes, he has a name!

And last week I started the next chapter of my journey – IV treatment for a new GI diagnosis! (And or course that included my FTK shirt!!)

But I won’t BE STOPPED!


So here’s to my 2nd annual BS day!

To celebrate, we are raising money for @ou_dm and @oklahoma.childrens.