Dr. David Charash is a longtime friend and colleague in the field of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. He’s passionate about Diving Medicine and is producing a series of podcasts on Fitness In Diving. It’s the first ever podcast on the topic and will feature conversations with divers, physicians, and scientists in the field. The conversations will center around six elements of fitness in diving including: Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Psychological Fitness, Physical Skill, Medical Fitness, and Knowledge.

The first episode is now live and available on Spotify and Apple. Just g to one of those links and subscribe. Episode One features expedition leader, deep sea explorer and author, Richie Kohler. As a technical diver,  Richie Kohler has explored some of the most challenging shipwrecks in the world. I am a former scientific diver who worked on an underwater excavation – and I can tell you that his conversation is compelling.

The podcasts will be relevant to all types of divers – recreational, technical, scientific, public safety, commercial, military and free divers. I also recommend it for healthcare practitioners at all levels who are interested in the field. Each episode will give divers useful information on all aspects of their fitness in diving – and will help healthcare professionals answer questions from their diving patients!


Production: Charashsound.com
Website: Divemedicineandhyperbaricconsultants.com
Link to podcast: https://linktr.ee/FitnessInDiving
Dive Medicine and Hyperbaric Consultants


 Richie Kohler talks about deep sea exploration in Episode One