A patient sent me this message so I decided to post it. It speaks for itself.


I have many chronic medical conditions that contribute to recurrent wounds. I have chronic heart issues and am wheelchair-bound due to a muscle disease – among other challenges. I have been going to wound centers off and on for many years. I do heal, but months later, I get a new wound.  I think I am now an expert at being a wound center patient. I’ve been at this a long time, and I know a great doctor and a great staff when I see one. I also dread having to train new wound care Doctors and wound Care Nurses.  Here’s the basic list of what I wish they all knew:

Things I Wish Wound Care Doctors and Nurses Would Consider When They See a Patient:

  1. Please Touch me – Do Not look at my wound from across the room.
  2. Please Listen to me – my story will tell you a lot about why I have this problem
  3. Please Don’t Rush – There are important things I need to tell you and it took a long time for me to get here.
  4. We are all different – I need a treatment plan that is tailored to my needs and the needs of my wounds.
  5. Please, Partner with me to find the best treatment plan: If a patient has had a wound before, they probably know what works and does not work for them so ask me what has and has not worked before. As a patient, I will listen to whatever you recommend, but I also know what didn’t work last time.

It seems like the things that matter to a patient would be just “Good Patient Care 101”, but apparently they aren’t.