Join me at the Fall SAWC where I will give a talk called “Inside-Out Pressure Injuries: Applying the Angiosome Concept to Pressure Injury Development.”

I am going to present compelling evidence that all Stage 1 pressure injuries are in fact, ischemia reperfusion injuries. Also, I think I will convince you that all Deep Tissue Injuries (DTIs) and Stage 4 pressure “injuries” are infarctions of named blood vessels. In fact, I will challenge any clinician to show me a DTI or a Stage 4 the location of which can NOT be explained by the infarction of a named artery.

If DTI and Stage 4 PIs are “inside-out” tissue infarctions of a named vessel, then our current “prevention protocols” fail because they don’t address the hemodynamic risk factors which cause them. That’s why we can’t “get to zero.” That’s also why we need to stop blaming healthcare providers and change the conversation entirely.

I bet I can convince you! At the very least, come argue with me about it! But, remember, all the evidence is on my side…