Is there a topic that you really want to write an article about for a non-peer reviewed journal? I have been the clinical editor for Today’s Wound Clinic for many years. Even though I have had a career in academics, I think the role of TWC is very important. Peer reviewed journals don’t talk about payment policy, they can’t compare technologies, keep you apprised of what’s on the horizon in terms of development, or provide easy to understand summaries of hot topics that are equally valuable to staff and patients. TWC fills a vital role in distributing information. I often give copies of articles to patients! In many cases, residents and medical students tell me that the TWC article I gave them helped them more than the scholarly articles to understand clinical practice or the use of a device.

I recently did an interview with managing editor, Brian McCurdy in which we discussed how much we want new contributors for TWC.

Check out the interview and send a message to either me or Brian if there’s a topic you want to write about – particularly if it’s one we’ve missed.


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