Morgan McCoy is one of those patients who inspires me. She’s been courageously talking about the experience of her above knee amputation due to a necrotizing infection, and the long journey to healing and function afterwards. Here’s a link to her excellent article just posted in Today’s Wound Clinic. On those days when you feel like you are not winning the war, it’s nice to be reminded that we win wars one patient at a time, and that how we do it is just as important as the outcome.

Today’s Wound Clinic now has a Patient Experience Department and there are wonderful articles there, two others by my patients! If you are a patient with a story (good or bad) relevant to wound care, we want to post your article on TWC. Message me if you are interested. And if you are a clinician, let your patients know that they have a voice. There are many things in our healthcare system that are headed in the wrong direction. I feel sure that if we just listen to patients, we could turn the ship in the right direction.

I’ve included before and after photos of her leg, but I want to make sure everyone sees the beautiful PERSON who wrote this (yes, the leg gets a little heat rash when she goes to things like football games in her prosthesis!)