Brian McCurdy, the Managing Editor of Today’s Wound Clinic, and I talked about a project we are working on to elevate the patient’s voice in wound care.

Just prior to shooting this video, Brian and I interviewed Morgan McCoy about her journey (watch for that link soon!) and she raised several important issues, one of which was the post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) she struggled with after spending weeks in an ICU. After her leg amputation, she required negative pressure wound therapy and admitted to me that just seeing the tubing of the NPWT device triggered a profound physical and emotional reaction – even though the NPWT treatment itself did not bother her. That’s just one example of the many challenges our patients deal with! Often times, minor adjustments to our treatment regimen can have major benefits to a patient’s quality of life.

Brian and I are looking for more patients to interview for this series. In fact, you can interview your own patient with Brian if you’d like to do that! Message me either through TWC or social media and we will arrange for your patient to tell their story!