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“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”
— Albert Einstein

I previously posted the list of issues as I see them in this industry. Now I’d like to create a list of the attributes of a good solution. In other words, I’d like to have a different level of thinking.

What are the attributes of a good solution?” Here are some thoughts:

  • Treatment of a variety of wound types and wound sizes (the clinical need is not limited to DFUs and VLUs).
  • Flexibility in the number of applications, while discouraging more applications than clinically necessary.
  • Minimize financial risk of using skin subs to providers who do not participate in high-profit schemes.
  • Enable large wounds to be treated in the HOPD.
  • Do not allow outsized profits on the product in the private office, which increases the cost to both the patients and the system and may encourage overuse.
  • Stop draconian audits for physicians who demonstrate adherence to best practices.
  • Flexibility in product choice allowing the free market to work – so that less expensive but equally effective products can be used on patients with Medicare Advantage and private insurance.
  • Transparency in per cm2 pricing.
  • Consistency in per cm2 pricing regardless of site of care.