Field Test Reports on the “non-pressure ulcer” cost measure became available on the Quality Payment Program (QPP) website February 1. If you are a wound care practitioner, you almost surely have a report waiting for you to download. WE NEED AS MANY WOUND CARE PRACTITIONERS AS POSSIBLE TO DOWNLOAD THEIR REPORTS, and if you are willing, share them with me and the other members of the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders who are trying to understand them. Do not worry that this report will somehow “make you look bad.” The measure is being TESTED and it might not do a good job of depicting the cost of chronic wounds. We are trying to review the reports to identify possible problems!

Getting to your report is a pain, but if I can do it, then anyone can. First you have to register for an account on the QPP website if you have never done that. You should register for an account regardless, because you ought to be checking your MIPS scores anyway. (More information regarding registering for an account is available in the QPP Access User Guide available on the QPP Resource Library (or click here to download directly), or contact the Quality Payment Program Service Center via telephone at 1-866-288-8292 or via email at [email protected].) If you call the Service Center, you might stay on hold a while, but I have to say that everyone I have ever talked to on the Service Center phone line is incredibly nice and very patient.

Just to show you what a Field Test Report looks like, I have posted screen shots of my report below, after the screen shots showing how to get to it. In the coming weeks, I hope to provide some analysis of what this thing means (but I need help from all of you to understand it!).

Here is the step by step:

Once you create an account, the log on looks like this:

Then you do a two factor authentication:

That takes you to your account:

Go to “Performance Feedback” and search by your Tax ID number (TIN):

That will take you here where you can download the reports. You will likely see a 2024 field testing report.

Here are screen shots of my report. The most surprising thing is that page 8 shows the 4 physicians outside my TIN who “contributed most to [my] Part B episode costs,” and I did not recognize a single one of them! I never referred patients to them and don’t think they ever referred a patient to me! I will look them up to see who they are. (I redacted their names). Also, I have posted the explanations of the tables at the very end.