Sadly, it appears that the CTP/skin sub industry has become a game, the goal of which is to fleece Medicare. You can argue that this is not so (and I’d love to get a respectfully worded message or email from you with your thoughts!), but it looks that way to me– at least where recent amniotic products are concerned. In recognition of how ridiculous this came has become, I thought I’d start a game of my own.

I thought I’d let people vote on how high the posted WAC or ASP prices of new amniotic products are going to go before December 31stor the prices listed on advertisements to physicians if you have an advertisement to show me. I picked December 31st since prices might start to drop after the various LCDs are put into effect.

Feel free to send me examples of emails, advertisements or exhibits at various meetings which show the price per cm2. I will redact the company name and post them for everyone’s enjoyment. Meanwhile, let’s see how crazy you think this will get…

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