Laundry, NPWT and Life after Death – This Week’s Undaunted Spirit

This beautiful lady (who is wearing a KCI VAC in the photo), is herself seriously ill, but she’s making the most of life after death. She is my definition of an undaunted spirit.

We Can Predict Whether a Venous Leg Ulcer Will Heal – We Know Not Everyone is Happy About That

A few weeks ago we published a manuscript about the development of the Wound Healing Index for Venous Leg Ulcers (VLUs). The link is below. What is the VLU WHI? The VLU WHI makes it possible to predict at the initial visit whether a venous ulcer will heal with...

Finalized Policy, Payment, and Quality Provisions Changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for Calendar Year 2020 | CMS

Here’s a link to the fact sheet on the final rule - stay tuned for my interpretation of its impact on wound management practitioners.

Wheels on Water and the Undaunted Spirit Award

With his permission, I’m posting this amazing photo of my friend and former patient, Kevin – whose mobility limitations do not keep him down. He’s also helping others experience the challenge and excitement of hunting, even if they hunt on wheels. You can support...

The Doctor is Still Out

I guess I’d better figure out the doctor’s office setting.

The Hospital Based Outpatient Department – in 2020 the Doctor is NOT In

Hospitals can decide that they want direct supervision of HBOT, but that doesn’t mean it will be reimbursed. Stay tuned.

Wound Care Compare is Here

The payment reform train has left the station. Are you aboard?

Reaping the Whirlwind

We are reaping what was sown a decade ago. Get ready  – there’s a big storm coming.

Did Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Management Practitioners Miss the Payment Reform Train?

Five years ago, Dr. Guy Clifton, a Robert Wood Johnson Fellow, neurosurgeon, Congressional aid and author of the book Flatlined: Resuscitating American Medicine, spoke at the fall SAWC in a poorly attended session. Most Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound care...

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The Undaunted Spirit Award

The Undaunted Spirit Award

Patients inspire me every day. This lady in her 9th decade showed me a picture on her smart phone (which alone is an accomplishment). She’s at church playing the accordion and the piano at the same time. I’ll add her to my gallery of patients with “undaunted spirit.”...

Nutrition and the Space Race

Nutrition and the Space Race

Fifty years ago I stayed up late with my grandfather to watch the Apollo 11 astronauts land on the moon. We sat riveted, watching grainy images on a tiny black and white television set, marveling at how far technology had advanced.  In the 1960s, my father was an...

The Chicken-WHAT Disease?

The Chicken-WHAT Disease?

I am telling you this because four cases of Chikungunya have now been reported in Harris County, Texas (the Houston area), with an equal number of cases in the Texas counties of Dallas, Fort Bend, Lubbock, Tarrant, and Travis counties, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

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