Decreasing the Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage Plans When Patients Need a Cellular Product

An increasing percentage of my wound center patients have Medicare Advantage plans offered by private payers. As I’ve discussed on previous blogs, it’s getting very hard to use cellular and/or tissue-based products (CTPs) on chronic wound patients with...

Pizza University – Explaining Wound Management to Patients

Welcome to Pizza University for wound care! Check out the video below, and find out why we need to get rid of the cheese and hold the pesto:

Pyoderma Gangrenosum (PG): Not So Rare, and When in Doubt, Take a History.

Pyoderma Gangrenosum (PG) is one of the most painful wounds we see each year. It is  called a “rare” disorder with an estimated incidence of 3 to 10 cases per million people per year.(1) That would mean there are about 20 new cases of PG in Houston, Texas each...

My Staff Inspire Me (and a Wound Center Staff Photo Caption Contest)

Here’s my amazing staff and the CHI St. Luke’s Quarterly Mission and Annual Inspire Award event, honoring nominees and winners for The Woodlands' Campus.  Our Wound Clinic team at CHI SLEH The Woodlands was nominated for “Team of the Year,” and our Program...

The Best Part About the Labor Day Holiday is Not Having to Fight the Traffic Driving to Work

If you are like me, the fun part about the Labor Day holiday is that there’s no traffic on Monday when you drive to work…

Real World Evidence for Real World Wounds

I am just going to say it. The majority of prospective trials in wound healing have enrolled subjects whose wounds were more likely to heal than not. While more “generalizable” trials (meaning, actually relevant to real patients) are underway or in the planning...

The Undaunted Spirit Award

Here’s a photo of a gorgeous Texas quilt, hand crafted by an octogenarian wound center patient (she’s getting her dressing changed).

The Undaunted Spirit Award

This cane makes me think of the Johnny Cash song, “I’ve been everywhere.”

Yes! It IS a Pressure Injury! An Ischemia Reperfusion Injury…

The story of my son’s intraoperative pressure injuries.

The Undaunted Spirit Award

Here’s a nifty way to keep track of your phone and your pen if you are in a wheelchair.

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The Chicken-WHAT Disease?

The Chicken-WHAT Disease?

I am telling you this because four cases of Chikungunya have now been reported in Harris County, Texas (the Houston area), with an equal number of cases in the Texas counties of Dallas, Fort Bend, Lubbock, Tarrant, and Travis counties, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).
Sisyphean Mondays

Sisyphean Mondays

In the March issue of TWC, I talk about my Sisyphean Mondays with heart failure patients, who represent a quarter of my wound care practice. Medicare is holding me responsible for their repeat hospitalizations.

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