How Wound Care May Change, For Better and Worse, in 2020 | From Today’s Wound Clinic

The field of wound management is in for a lot of big changes in 2020. As with anything in life, some changes are painful, but they could have beneficial aspects for both clinicians and patients.

The ACA – To Be or Not To Be…?

Last week on Dec. 18, 2019, a Fifth Circuit appeals panel upheld Judge O’Connor’s ruling, determining that the individual mandate (to buy insurance) under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unconstitutional in the absence of a tax penalty. However, the appeals court did not offer a decision as to whether the rest of the ACA remains in force.

Solve One Person’s Problem with Operation Santa

There are, it seems, a few problems that we can actually solve.

What’s the Difference Between Hyperbaric Registries?

We need all the data we can get in the fields of wound care and hyperbaric medicine.

Here’s Some of the Actual Writing on the Wall

Am I the only one who’s worried? (OK, it’s fair to say I’m panicking.)

From Today’s Wound Clinic: The Handwriting on the Wall for Wound Management

Re-printed from Today's Wound Clinic We are at an important crossroads in the field of wound management. From the perspective of new technologies, the future is bright. Unfortunately, the future of the field itself is dismal. Under Medicare’s new Quality Payment...

Our Physician Compare Article is in This Month’s Issue of “Advances in Skin & Wound Care”

More wound relevant quality measures are under consideration by CMS for depiction on Physician Compare in 2020.

UPDATE: Wounds are a SYMPTOM – What’s the Diagnosis? Crowdsourcing Tough Wound Diagnoses

A few weeks ago we began an experiment right here on this blog, taking a look at a complicated wound care case and “crowdsourcing” the diagnosis. We thought it would be fun to share some of the comments to date, along with some follow-up comments from me.

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Breaking News on Site Neutrality

Breaking News on Site Neutrality

Evidence has been accumulating for years that site neutrality is coming. I don’t think it is an issue of whether but when. This executive order might bring it a bit closer, but doesn’t implement it.

The “Art” of Wound Care

The “Art” of Wound Care

I recently spoke at a conference where an artist depicted each speaker’s presentation visually. This is how he interpreted my rapid fire, “Current state of wound care in 15 minutes.”

Real World Evidence for Real World Wounds

Real World Evidence for Real World Wounds

I am just going to say it. The majority of prospective trials in wound healing have enrolled subjects whose wounds were more likely to heal than not. While more “generalizable” trials (meaning, actually relevant to real patients) are underway or in the planning...

The Undaunted Spirit Award

The Undaunted Spirit Award

Patients inspire me every day. This lady in her 9th decade showed me a picture on her smart phone (which alone is an accomplishment). She’s at church playing the accordion and the piano at the same time. I’ll add her to my gallery of patients with “undaunted spirit.”...

Nutrition and the Space Race

Nutrition and the Space Race

Fifty years ago I stayed up late with my grandfather to watch the Apollo 11 astronauts land on the moon. We sat riveted, watching grainy images on a tiny black and white television set, marveling at how far technology had advanced.  In the 1960s, my father was an...

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