“Do It Yourself” Wound Care

I am curious if you are seeing this in your own practice? I’d love to hear more details from you.

Tales of the Medicare Disadvantaged #2

Here’s another story from Patricia Han about her Medicare “Disadvantage” plan.

Tales of the Medicare Disadvantaged #1

I thought that it would be enlightening to have someone with her credibility provide a detailed explanation of the challenges she has faced as a chronically ill person with Medicare Advantage. I am not foolish enough to think that anyone at CMS will listen, but it could serve as a warning to other patients.

Physician Fee Schedule Update

The G2211 code (the inherently complex add-on code for evaluation and management – EM) has been deferred to 2024. Instead CMS increased the RVU value to $34.8931, which is 3.75% global pay increase for physicians.

Please Don’t Shoot the COVID-19 Messenger

In the wake of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, COVID-19 cases are soaring most places. Texas is not unique (see graph above). In October and early November things were looking a little better and now they are bad again. I work in a hospital-based outpatient...

Waivers for the Texas Controlled Substance Electronic Prescribing Requirement

Effective January 1, 2021, Texas Health and Safety Code, §§481.0755 requires that prescriptions for controlled substances to be issued electronically unless a waiver has been granted by the appropriate agency.

New (Bad) COVID-19 Developments

Here is a new and disheartening post from Dr. Marissa Carter about the new COVID-19 variant.

Private Payer Policy Blunders: What Should We Do?

Send me your favorite payer policy blunders and I will post them.

COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout in Texas

You can tell me about your reservations to vaccines in general or the COVID-19 vaccine(s) in particular some other time. I only know I can’t practice like this much longer. It’s bad for patients and it’s terrible for my own mental health.

My Christmas Gift – The First Dose of the COVID Vaccine

Thank you CHI St Luke’s Hospital The Woodlands and the fantastic staff for a really efficient, friendly and positive experience. Let’s hope this is the turning point of the pandemic.

About Dr. Fife

Dr. Fife is a world-renowned wound care physician. She is the Director of the Wound Care Center at CHI St. Luke’s The Woodlands Hospital, CMO of Intellicure, Inc., Exec. Director of the US Wound Registry & Editor of Today’s Wound Clinic.

Report Honest Healing Rates

It’s time for Wound Care physicians and providers to stand up for truly honest outcomes and transparent quality reporting. If we don’t we may see our entire profession wiped out. Click here to read more.

COVID-19 Diaries

Guest blog from a friend and colleague who practices Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine and is also a Critical Care physician. Here are her COVID-19 Diaries – uncensored. Click here to read more.

Latest Posts

COVID Warriors Video

Our Covid Diaries author mentioned a video created by an ICU nurse as a tribute to the healthcare workers. We got permission to share the link with you.

Law and Disorder – Going to Jail for Kennedy Terminal Ulcers

Law and Disorder – Going to Jail for Kennedy Terminal Ulcers

Here’s a message from my good friend and colleague, nurse practitioner Joy Schank. Joy has donated her time as an expert in criminal court proceedings dealing with the development of skin breakdown at the end of life. Family members and clinicians have been charged with crimes when loved ones develop skin changes as part of the dying process. Some have gone to prison.

October 14th is National Brave and Strong Day

October 14th is National Brave and Strong Day

My friend and patient – Morgan McCoy – has a big celebration on October 14th. That’s the day her right leg was amputated above the knee in order to save her life. Morgan is the antithesis of the victim mentality that is plaguing our country. She’s celebrating the day...

Generally Confused

Generally Confused

As we’ve discussed previously, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reclassified all services in the Hospital-Based Outpatient Department (HOPD) under “general supervision” away from “direct supervision,” with the caveat that it was up to the...

Virtual Wound Rounds: A Second Chance at Life Thanks to Courageous Choices

Virtual Wound Rounds: A Second Chance at Life Thanks to Courageous Choices

I’ve talked about my inspirational patient, Morgan McCoy, who is my antidote to the COVID Blues. Morgan, her parents, her orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Kyle Dickson) and I recently participated in Virtual Wound Rounds with Frank Aviles. If you are involved in wound management at any level, you will enjoy this! It’s fun, inspiring and informative. Thank you Frank and HMP!

B.R.I.D.G.E. TO DATA and the US Wound Registry

B.R.I.D.G.E. TO DATA and the US Wound Registry

As I’ve discussed before, I actually stopped performing prospective trials in wound care because the trials were not “generalizable,” meaning, the patients enrolled in studies to evaluate wound healing modalities bear no resemblance to the patients we see. I talked...

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