PrintI don’t know how many of you have actually downloaded any of the USWR electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) and then gotten them installed into your wound center EHR. Downloading them is easy because the programming is open source and you can use the link below to get to the eCQMs and the reference materials. The challenging part will be getting it into the EHR used in your wound center. Most likely that is the hospital’s EHR which, despite what the vendor said at the time they sold it to the hospital, is not a good fit for an outpatient department. The odds are that the vendor of your hospital EHR is one that starts with a capital E. If you are trying to get quality measures installed into your hospital EHR, I’d really like to know how it’s going.
I’ve posted plenty of Monday Musings to explain why you NEED to download and transmit quality measures to the USWR in order to avoid “negative payment adjustments” (losing money) so I won’t go through the details again. Here’s the “Reader’s Digest” version: You need to pass 9 Quality Measures in 2015 or you will lose at least 2% of your payment in 2017 but you could lose 6% or more, depending on a lot of other complicated things like whether you are in a group practice, met other meaningful use criteria, or used electronic prescribing. Anyway, how’s it going?