FRIDAY, 1:30 PM: I decide to check the QPP website. My account is locked. On the phone approximately 37 minutes to get the Password reset. 


Monica is running this operation, and Jennifer is her backup.

CMS has great customer service and they are REALLY NICE. However, it seems to take a lot of our internal people (1 MD, 2 graduate degrees, a system admin and sales exec – and Dr. Fife took a nap on the floor because she had been up all night.)

Hey, why does the doctor have to “select a role? And why are the choices “Staff” or “Security Official”?

2:07 PM: Whoops! We need tech support for the phone alerts – we used a different phone last time.

2:15 PM: Now we need Kathryn in billing because we needed Dr. Fife’s PTAN.

2:30 PM: Yay! There’s the US Wound Registry!

2:45 PM: Now Brett, our Chief Compliance Officer is in the room.

2:55 PM: EUREKA! There’s Dr. Fife’s report for Physician Compare!

The entire process, from the beginning of the password reset process to viewing my Physician Compare information was 1-1/2 hours and the assistance of our crack team. I’m thinking it’s no wonder not every physician does this.