Wound Care Compare is Here.

I’ve previously blogged about the exciting news that Physician Compare selected 3 USWR QCDR measures relevant to wound care to depict on Physician Compare: Adequate off loading of DFUs, Adequate Compression of VLUs and arterial screening of all leg ulcer patients at the first visit. There’s a great article by Marcia Nusgart about this in the most recent issue of Wound Management and Prevention. Volume 65-Issue 10-October 2019-ISSN 2640-5245

Why does this matter? Because we can save the field of wound management, despite the fact it doesn’t have a specialty, by tying reimbursement to quality performance. The problem is, without wound relevant quality measures recognized by CMS, the way quality will be measured for wound management is the practitioner’s performance on measures like blood pressure control and immunizations. Private payers are already starting to pay differential amounts based on quality score. The payment reform train has left the station. Are you aboard?

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