I have previously blogged about using DNA assay to evaluate the bacteria (or fungi) that colonize chronic wounds. (For the record, I have no financial relationship with MicroGenDx or its predecessor, Pathogenius.) I have not been shy about discussing what I see as its possible role in wound management because, for at least one of my chronic wound patients, the information obtained with the MicroGenDx DNA assay was life-saving.

Although I have only the vaguest understandig of the the way these tests actually work, I did know the technology was used to diagnose viruses. So, when the pandmic started, I called MicroGenDx to ask if they could diagnose COVID-19.  The answer at the time was “No, but stay tuned.”

The purpose of this post is to spread the word that MicroGenDx can now provide testing for COVID-19.

MicroGenDx, the same company to which many of you currently send wound biofilm specimens, can provide testing for COVID-19 with a 24 hour turnaround for results.

The process is simple. Collect around 3ml of sputum or saliva in a sterile container WITH NO transport media. Contact the MicroGenDx representative for instructions on shipping, filling out lab slips, billing, etc.

Karl Mundt
Senior Account Executive
MicroGenDx/Advanced BioData Labs
[email protected]

MicroGenDx tells me that they can handle 10,000 tests per day, with a turnaround time (TAT) that is 24 hours from receipt. Click here to read the article they sent me, which explains the difference between what they are doing vs. Quest and LabCorp. This is not my area of expertise – I have no opinion regarding whether one type of testing is superior to another. I only know we don’t have enough COVID-19 testing capacity right now, and the tests we do have take too long. I am posting this because it might help a patient or a practitioner.

MicroGenDx also tells me that they will provide overflow testing for labs with supply shortages and prolonged turnaround times – in case you know any lab directors pulling out their hair.