A lot of hyperbaric medicine physicians got into the field because they loved scuba diving. But, when the pressures of life and work take over, we often stop doing the things we love and then wonder why the joy has gone out of life. I recently met Joe Poe, an underwater photographer who helps document and preserve underwater shipwrecks. He was a member of the first civilian team to dive on the USS Monitor. His photographs have been featured in many magazines, training manuals, and newspapers. He is also a member (and former Chairman) of the Board of Directors of the Divers Alert Network, Inc. (DAN, Inc.), a world-wide organization dedicated to the safety of recreational diving.

Tomorrow evening you can join him for a webinar – just for fun – nothing to do with work. You can see his beautiful underwater photos and hear about his unique and interesting experiences diving on the USS Monitor, World War II shipwrecks, and more. In addition, you can hear about the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary and the work NOAA is doing to document and survey many of the shipwrecks surrounding the Monitor.

If you can’t get away on a diving vacation right now, then register for this event and enjoy Joe’s beautiful photographs.

You can register here.