You have to watch this! Dr. Monique Abner is a Plastic Surgeon and Wound Care Physician and she’s also one of the most creative and FUN people I know. A few years ago (in the good old days when we got to physically see each other at medical meetings), a group of us were discussing ways to educate patients about the disease processes that lead to amputation. Monique said, “I teach patients with songs like this!” And then she sang this song (at a medical meeting) which she had written to educate diabetic foot ulcer patients about off-loading.

I thought, “OK, if there is a ‘Cool’ award for wound care practitioners, Monique wins it!” I texted her to ask if she’d record the song for me – and she did! (This is not her only teaching song, by the way – she’s written songs in Spanish as well.)

If you had a hard time getting up to face Monday – here’s an attitude adjustment from the inspiring and lovely Dr. Abner. I am going to channel her attitude today. Please pass this along!

Dr. Abner is a Plastic Surgeon and Wound Care Physician at Tower Health Wound Center in Redding, PA.

Monique L Abner, MD | Tower Health